The query function of iconicarchive takes full advantage of SQLite, therefore a lot of search combinations and the truncation with the asteriscus (*) can be used across all database fields. Matching search terms are highlighted in all fields. Here some simple query examples:

  • Both search terms must be present together in a data set. With this kind of research (probably the most common) the plus sign can be omitted:
    Entire words: +jordan +wadi
    Truncated words: +jo* +wa*
  • The first search term must, the second search term must not be present in a data set:
    Entire words: +jordan -wadi
    Truncated words: +jo* -wa*
  • At least one of the two search terms must be present in a data set:
    Entire words: jordan OR wadi
    Truncated words: jo* OR wa*
  • The search terms must be present in a data set in the exact order. With this type of search, the use of operators (+, -, AND, OR, NOT) or prefixes is not possible. Nevertheless it is possible to use the asteriscus (*):
    Entire words: "wadi sabra"
    Truncated words: "wa* sa*"
  • The first search term must must be within 5 words from the second search term in the same field:
    Entire words: jordan NEAR/5 wadi
    Truncated words: jo* NEAR/5 wa*
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