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Within Iconicarchive there are three search options available: the tree search, the free search, and the index search. In addition to the index search, there is an upload index, which shows you the upload time of all images. If you are looking for a paginated overview of all images, open the complete list. Instead, if you want to lay back with a cup of coffee and enjoy all images in their original size, take a look at the random slideshow. If you are lost somehwere, click the arrow icon to go back to the main page of the current picture galery or the header of the page to go back to the mainpage. And last but not least, there is of course an administration area.


If you know, what you want to search around the globe, then the topographic tree search is the way to go. Simply open an close the branches to get to your place. With the two top options you can either hide the tree to save space or you can open all branches, in case you did not find the desired place (your selection is stored for the entire session). A click on the link on the right side of the icon opens the picture galery of this folder and all subfolders within.


If you just want to make a shot in the dark, you can try the free search. Simply type your search term(s) into the search field and hit ENTER. To help you find the desired keyword, the autosuggest option will show you all available terms. The query takes full advantage of the SQLite FTS, therefore a lot of search combinations and the truncation with the asteriscus (*) can be used across all database fields. Matching search terms are highlighted in all fields. If you are unsure how to search, take a look at the query options.


In comparison to the two other search options, the index search is the most linear and fuzzyless approach, as you can select directly a keyword from the list of all available keywords. With every keyword selected, the list is reduced to the keywords available together with the already selected keyword(s). Finally, you can click on the compiled keywords to get to the intersecting set of images.






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